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Founded in 2024, ID Ranking uses a series of advanced crawling technologies and AI technologies to solve all-link SEO problems from keyword research, content generation, content delivery, ranking effect monitoring, etc. In the basic SEO link, it provides a series of practical search engine optimization checkers such as Googlebot simulator, Http status detection, domain name resolution query, etc. Welcome to experience.

An ever-evolving collection of SEO tools
Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner, by accessing the latest Google Ads keyword planner official API, can provide SEO keyword planner and research functions, and provide marketing indicators including cpc bid, Google search volume, competition difficulty, etc. All this functionality is free.

Keyword Rank Checker

Google keyword rank checker free tool provides real-time location batch query function for up to 10 keywords. You can specify real-time ranking information for multiple geographical locations including the United States, France, and Spain by our Google ranking checker. The most important thing is that all these functions are free.

Keyword Density Checker

Keyword density checker, by traversing all the text characters in the specified webpage to match the keywords you specify, and after making statistics through the large model algorithm, it provides you with the density of the corresponding keywords in the corresponding webpage. By using our keyword density checker tool, you can make SEO decisions to avoid poor results and search engine penalties caused by too low or too high keyword density.

Googlebot Simulator

Googlebot simulator can provide multiple search engine robots including Google, Baidu, and Bing to simulate crawling the web pages you specify, and provide code visible to the actual crawler. If the content seen by the crawler is inconsistent with the content seen by the user, it may be judged as cheating by the search engine and be punished.

Http Status Detection

Http status detection is an advanced crawler simulator that can crawl your page and check the page status, including 200 normal status, 404 error, 30× jump, 500 internal error, etc.

URL resolution IP

Domain name resolve to ip address. When you are building external links, you can use this tool to batch query the server IP where the external link URL is located, and draw a conclusion whether it is a site group server. Of course, you can also use this tool to check the correspondence between URL resolutions and IPs, and you can explore more ways to use it.

New Blog

Idranking 2.0 is upgraded again!

On February 25, the ID rankings ushered in a major upgrade. We upgraded the display style of the homepage, fixed the page misalignment problem, added Japan’s regional database and query address in the ranking query, and added all input boxes. On top of the default options we’ve added a range of new SEO tools, including:…

Search engine spider user agent list

Here are some common spider user-agents used by ID Ranking when simulating crawler access. They will be updated in the future to ensure that ID Ranking remains consistent with Google’s crawler user agent.

ID Ranking version 1.1 is online, with new keyword expansion function

Before this, when we expanded Google keywords, we generally expanded keywords through SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, Google drop-down search box, etc. However, the best way to expand keywords is still through Google Ads. The difficulty lies in the need Create an available and approved Google Ads account before it can be used. Of course, all this is…